About Us

About Us

Vento Global Group (Vento Navis, CIS-DS) is a company based in Croatia and founded by Miroslav Gojak.

Vento Global Group is a distributor of canadian companies One Eye Industries (OEI) and Black Powder Solutions (BPS) for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  

OEI and BPS design and manufacture patented magnetic filtration and separator systems employed internationally by leaders in the oil and gas, mining, commercial and residential building, manufacturing, transportation, food, pharmaceutical, defense, petrochemical, and marine industries, as well as for protecting pumps, valves and process equipment from failure along all stages of the hydrocarbon value chain and eliminating the need for conventional, depth-media filtration.

The first OEI filtration system was installed in 2001, and has been proven successful in over 40 countries

“Use the Usable” and “Re-use the Re-usable” instead of constant changing.

We in Vento Global Group are passionate about Energy Production & Professional Heavy Mining.

We believe that future of those industries lies in drastic improvement of the efficiency in maintenance and extending the lifetime of already installed equipment.

Our tendency is to improve the way the companies uses its resources and assets by applying new, innovative and sometimes disruptive technologies in order to make a positive change.

Our mission is to minimise the operation costs, extend the equipment lifetime to its real possibilities, and leave positive ecological footprint.

Vento Global

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What we Offer

Solutions that on a simplest way will achieve rapid payback, serious equipment lifetime extension, big safety and environmental impact, significant production cost reduction.

We offer you a high efficiency (95+%) product with low financial risk since there is no need for one time purchase of the product. You can lease it for a minimum of 6 months and then decide to purchase it, continue with the lease or simply return it with no additional cost. In order to give you the best solution for your problem, please provide us with technical data of your equipment by clicking below.

For gearboxes, hydraulics, pumps and other rotational equipment


For refinery, pipeline and water


Please fill out the Quote Data Sheet and send it to our e-mail address,  or contact us directly to help you fill the Data Sheet and advise about the possibilities.

We offer innovative solutions for meeting high sustainability standards while making a profit and ensuring safer work environment.

Having a business means ensuring you are making profit. But there is and should be more than this. It should be about company’s social, environment, and economic impact. This sustainable business approach is becoming more important for all companies, across all industries, and it is getting progressively incorporated in different legislations and business standards. More than half of executives consider a sustainability strategy necessary to be competitive today since sustainable practices lead to creating long-term value and foster company longevity.

At the core of social and business sustainability are innovations. A combination of creative ideas and new technology will be essential to define improvement, achievement, and success.

Now, many companies struggle with quantifying the return on their sustainability investments, but with our solutions that will not be a problem.




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We approach every client individually because every application has it own peculiarities and “one-size-fits-all” is not an option. We want to ensure highest effectivness of our products, thus highest savings for our client.

Contact us with details of your issue and together we will find best solution for you.

To get more acquainted with the way we work please see examples of elaborate Installation proposals:

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