We are all well aware that the last year 2020 brought many challenges in dealing with public health, safety and the economy which is in the worst downturn since the great depression. Saving the resources is now more than ever a need and a goal of many businesses.

One of the ways to achieve that is to make sure your equipment is reliable and highly functional, and to ensure that failures, unplanned maintenance and downtime are happening in rarest possible occasions.

We in Vento Global Group can help you achieve these goals by offering you reusable magnetic filtration and separation systems for equipment fluids. These filtration systems have proven their efficiency for more than 18 years. Since they require minimal consumables and do not require frequent, costly changeouts and disposal as the conventional filters do, they do not only promote sustainable business strategy, but save a lot of money on filter changeouts, as well as failure, unplanned maintenance and downtime of the equipment.

As the sustainable alternative to conventional filters, each filter is optimized for its application and exceeds fluid cleanliness standards.

The initial cost of an OEI product is quickly realized in the continued savings the product brings to any reliability program.

There is a great gain and low risk with our products since we offer a magnetic filtration and separation systems lease for a minimum of 6 months, after which you can decide to purchase the system, continue with the lease or simply return it with no additional cost.

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