What if we could reduce the waste oil filters 250 times?
What is we could reduce the waste oil 2-3 times?
What if such technology already exists?

Almost 5 billion disposable filters are thrown to waste every year. Just in Europe probably more than a billion. Can we stop this or even decrease it? The answer is YES. The benefits for the environment are extreme, but what would be the obstacles?

Subsequently changing the disposable oil filter factories in producing something else would be mandatory. It is huge business and it will not come without resistance but in the end it is in the benefit for the environment and equipment users, so it has a critical mass to move trends in that direction.

The critical milestone would be to convince OEM’s to support it. OEM’s are selling filters as a part of regular services. Usually this service is pre-agreed during purchase. Changing the oil and filters are basically the main reason for regular service. Cutting of that revenue stream would not make OEM happy and would hardly go in the direction for them to install or even recommend such a technology. Rather it happens that end users are threatened with loosing the warranty if they apply any other technology other than the one they recommend.

I would like to ask you all to help me find a win-win direction with OEM’s to make that transition to new cleaner technology. I do not support any type of force or binding laws since they are, in my opinion, written with the influence of strong lobbyist groups and they cause more confusion than actual benefit.