In making a decision what industrial filtration method to implement one has to take into consideration many factors. Sometimes, the best solution is to combine different methods, one of which is a magnetic filtration. Considering its great effectiveness and proven potential for saving great deal of time and money, it is safe to say that this technology was not given the attention it deserves.

Having a reliable machine is crucial for operator’s profitability and safety. To achieve that operators have to ensure clean oil in the machines which can be a challenge since as much as 90% of all particles suspended in the oil can be iron or steel. These types of particles can be particularly troublesome.

Using magnetic filter technology, these particles, whether ferrous or non-ferrous, can be extracted from oil and any other liquid.

Reusable and cost-efficient technology

Since these filters only need cleaning and a minimal consumables, unlike the conventional filters that require frequent, costly changeouts, and disposal, magnetic filtration is considered a reusable technology. This, of course, means that it is a more cost-efficient technology than a conventional filter. Our clients have saved thousand of dollars when they switched from costly disposable filters to environmental friendly cleanable magnetic filters.

Magnetic filters

Magnetic filters

No flow restrictions

Our magnetic filters operate with no flow restrictions as they load with particles which is another major advantage and difference between this technology and conventional filters. While conventional filters can go into bypass when they become plugged with particles, magnetic filters continue to remove particles and allow oil flow.

Increasing conventional filter’s effectiveness

One of the biggest advantages of magnetic filtration is that you can use it together with a conventional filter. Often, it will lead to an increase of its effective service life, sometimes up to two or even three times.

1” magnetic filter elements with varying loads of contamination. Dirt holding capacity*: 3.97 lb-ft.

1” magnetic filter elements with varying loads of contamination. Dirt holding capacity*: 3.97 lb-ft.

Protecting pipelines and other equipment

Liquid handling equipment is especially prone to damage due to contaminants, for example, servo and solenoid valves can be heavily damaged by ferrous particles (such as iron and steel). By continuously removing these particles with magnetic filters, the reliability of these valves can be substantially enhanced.

Magnetic filtration will also better protect against premature oil oxidation, which can lead to varnish, sludge and corrosion. Everything else being equal, the continuous removal of iron and steel particles by magnetic filters should have a positive impact on oil service life.

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